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      Carriers / FAQ


      Q: What does it cost to use Navisphere? Carrier?

      A: Navisphere Carrier is free to all C.H. Robinson contract carriers. To get started, you need to create an account.

      Q: What documents do I need to start hauling for C.H. Robinson?

      A: You will need the following documents to haul freight for C.H. Robinson:

      • A Federal or State Operating Authority (MC or ICC #)
      • Proof of insurance (minimum of $25,000 cargo and $750,000 automobile liability) naming C.H. Robinson as a certificate holder
      • A completed W-9 form

      If you are interested in becoming a contract carrier with C.H. Robinson, please click here to begin the process.

      Q: I am being asked for $100,000 in cargo and $1,000,000 in auto liability?

      A: Federal law requires motor carriers to have a minimum of $25,000 cargo insurance and $750,000 automobile liability insurance, and C.H. Robinson will process contracts with carriers who hold this amount for insurance. However, we suggest that you submit at the limits listed above to avoid limitations to the freight available to you.

      Q: What is my C.H. Robinson ID Number?

      A: We use ID numbers to identify our contract carriers in Navisphere. They help us keep track of each transaction your company has with C.H. Robinson.

      To find your C.H. Robinson ID number, look at load confirmations, check stubs, or your contract for a number like TXXX. If you can't locate your ID number, call 800-326-9977 and ask for your T-number. To protect your security, we’ll ask you to answer a few questions before we can provide this information.

      Q: What kind of equipment and capabilities do you hire?

      A: We have a wide variety of customers with varying needs. The majority of our shipments utilize the following equipment and capabilities:

      Dry Van
      Temperature Controlled
      Overweight/Over Dimensional
      Drop Trailer
      Team Driver
      Private Fleet
      High Value


      Q: How does Navisphere Driver work?

      A:?Navisphere Driver is the easy way for drivers to provide automatic status updates—no phone calls required. They can start tracking by selecting “on way to pick-up.” Once tracking begins, we receive hourly location updates. Automatic stop updates are received when drivers cross a 1 mile geo-fence at stop locations.

      Drivers using the Navisphere Driver app have access to assigned load information and maps directly on their smartphones. After delivering a load, drivers can also use the app to submit load documents, which can speed up the payment process. Owners and dispatchers can monitor all payment statuses through Navisphere Carrier—online or on their phone.

      Q: How do I notify my driver about an assigned load when they're using Navisphere Driver?

      A:?When assigning a driver in the Load Editor, select "DRIVERAPP." The driver will receive an SMS text message on their smartphone.

      If the driver already has Navisphere Driver installed, they will receive an SMS text message that includes a hyperlink to the assigned load and corresponding information.

      If the driver does not have Navisphere Driver installed on their phone, they can use the hyperlink in the text to visit the app store and download the app. After entering their phone number and a one-time authentication code (received in a separate SMS text message), they are ready to use the app.

      Q: What's the difference between the Navisphere Carrier mobile app and the Navisphere Driver mobile app?

      A:?The Navisphere Carrier mobile app is the perfect app for small carriers as they interact with C.H. Robinson and grow their business. As a fleet management tool, the app is primarily for owner-operators, small carriers, and dispatchers. Navisphere Carrier users can find loads, oversee a driver list, access all loads assigned to their company, provide shipment visibility and tracking, photograph and submit load documents for payment, and monitor the billing status of each load. As financial information is available, users require a login and password to use.

      The Navisphere Driver mobile app is just for drivers. The simple functionality allows drivers to access assigned loads with just their cell phone number and a four-digit authentication code that they’ll receive via SMS text message when the app is installed. The purpose of the app is to provide automatic in-transit and stop updates over the course of a load. The app also includes document, photo, and upload capabilities to help speed up the payment process. Drivers can only view information regarding their assigned loads rather than company assignments and because the app does not include financial information, there is no login or password required.

      Q: Should I use Navisphere Carrier or Navisphere Driver?

      A: If you're an owner-operator or dispatcher that needs an app to search for loads and manage a small business, including financial details, Navisphere Carrier is the app for you.

      If you only need to provide automatic tracking updates and submit documents for assigned loads, Navisphere Driver has everything you need.

      Q: I currently use Navisphere Carrier, should I switch to Navisphere Driver?

      A:?If you already use the Navisphere Carrier mobile app, there is no reason to switch to Navisphere Driver. Navisphere Carrier provides all of the same automatic tracking benefits as Navisphere Driver and also has beneficial tools to help find loads and manage your business.

      Q: Are the load tracking capabilities the same on Navisphere Carrier and Navisphere Driver?

      A:?Yes. Both are GPS based apps that use the Location Services of the smartphone to provide automatic updates. GPS tracking is more accurate than cellular triangulation used by other tracking solutions.

      Both Navisphere Carrier and Navisphere Driver have a standard location update frequency of one hour that can be increased to updates every 15 minutes based on customer request. Auto-stop updates for arrivals are triggered when a driver crosses a 1-mile geo-fence and for departures, it’s a 1.5-mile geo-fence.

      The combination of GPS and geo-fence tracking provides touch-free shipment visibility throughout the life of a C.H. Robinson load.

      Q: When am I being tracked using the Navisphere Driver app?

      A:?Drivers are only tracked during the lifecycle of an assigned C.H. Robinson load. Navisphere Driver starts tracking your location when a C.H. Robinson representative marks a load as "Driver MT" in the Load Editor. Tracking automatically ends with the automatic stop update or a manual arrival/departure is entered for the last stop on the load.

      Q: How much will Navisphere Carrier or Navisphere Driver affect my phone's battery life and data plan?

      A:?All apps require battery and data. Our mobile apps are both very efficient, and any battery or data usage is outweighed by the benefits to a user’s business. Both Navisphere Carrier and Navisphere Driver use less battery and/or data than browsing websites on your phone requires.

      Q: What if a driver no longer wants to be tracked using Navisphere Driver?

      A:?Tracking through the Navisphere Driver app can be disabled at any time according to privacy laws and both app store policies. Due to the nature of our industry, tracking freight throughout the transportation process is quickly becoming an expectation. Providing automatic tracking updates through Navisphere Driver eliminates the hassle of check calls and counts toward a carrier's automation score in the Carrier Advantage Program.


      Q: What paperwork is required to receive payment?

      A: The following documents must be received by C.H. Robinson before the payment process can start:

      • Invoice with C.H. Robinson load number
      • Original signed bill of lading (BOL)
      • Lumper receipts
      • Copy of the C.H. Robinson confirmation
      • Any other accompanying paperwork

      Q: How do I get set up for QuickPay?

      A: Read and agree to the QuickPay terms and conditions or call 1-800-326-9977.

      Q: Can I overnight my load documents for QuickPay?

      A: You can send your QuickPay documents via overnight courier (e.g., Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne, etc.) or by uploading your personally scanned documents through this site. If you send the documents by overnight courier, it is crucial that you mark on the envelope: "Attention QuickPay Department." If you don't make this notation, it WILL delay your payment.

      Q: Where do I send load paperwork for QuickPay?

      A: All loads are NOT sent to the same location. Read the rate confirmation sheet for the appropriate location for each load. Each individual rate confirmation sheet will tell you where to send the paperwork.

      Q: Where do I send my paperwork if I am not a QuickPay carrier?

      A:?Mail your paperwork to the payables center address shown on the C.H. Robinson fax confirmation. Copies of the bill of lading will be accepted if the originals can't be obtained and if the copies are legible. Accessorials must have prior approval to be paid.

      Q: Is it possible to be charged for QuickPay service if I’m not a QuickPay carrier?

      A: The chances of being charged for QuickPay if you’re not a QuickPay carrier are unlikely. However, due to human error we cannot guarantee it will not happen. A few certain situations could lead to you being charged for QuickPay:

      • If your paperwork for the load in question was received on a QuickPay fax line.
      • Your paperwork was dropped off at an office, and the office faxed it to the incorrect number.

      In the event of human error, we will refund the fee. If you are not a QuickPay carrier, submit your paperwork via regular U.S. mail, upload through the load board, or use one of the TRANSFLO? scanning services.

      C.H. Robinson will release load payment 20 days after the receipt of the original load documents.

      Q: Why are you changing the rates?

      A: Periodically, C.H. Robinson reviews and adjusts fees based on current industry standards. Rate changes may occur, but they should remain competitive. Our Carrier Advantage Program gives you the opportunity to adjust your current fee. Please contact your C.H. Robinson office representative for additional information.

      Q: You already increased the fee on cash advances on July 1, 2014. Why again?

      A: Until now, a flat fee was charged on all advances, regardless of the issue amount. The new fee structure will more closely align the amount of the advance with the fee incurred at the time of issue.

      Q: Why are you tying my QuickPay rate to the Carrier Advantage Program?

      A: One of the goals of the Carrier Advantage Program is to enhance your relationship with your assigned office and your overall experience with C.H. Robinson. As an incentive to build a positive relationship with your office, you could also experience a lower fee. Please contact your C.H. Robinson office representative for eligibility information.

      Q: How can I receive a lower QuickPay rate?

      A: Talk with your carrier representative or your assigned office to gain a clearer understanding of the Carrier Advantage Program. Or, you can find helpful information online.

      Q: When do these changes take effect?

      A: August 1, 2016.

      Q: What if my carrier status changes?

      A: A grading period occurs each quarter that could potentially change your current rating. If your grade drops you to a new tier, you will have one more probationary quarter to return your rating back up to your previously categorized level. If your rating changes, your QuickPay discount rate will change the month following each quarter-end grading period.

      Q: I wasn’t aware of the change. When did the notice go out?

      A: Notification emails and faxes were sent out the week of July 11, 2016—we apologize if you did not receive one. For your reference the letter is located here.

      Q: Why do I need the load number to check on a payment status?

      A: We move thousands of loads every day. Providing a load number makes it quick and easy to find the status of your payment.

      It is possible to search for loads using your carrier ID number, however this is more time consuming and not always as up to date based on the current status of the load.

      Q: Why is there a discrepancy between a load payment and the amount on the invoice?

      A: If there is a discrepancy in your load payment and amount invoice, please contact the office that booked the load in question. Our carrier services team can review a load and what was paid on a load (e.g., line haul, unloading, detention), but only the originating office can approve any discretionary amount for payment.

      Q: Why are the miles listed on your website different than my miles?

      A: There are many different mileage programs available today. Navisphere Carrier only displays mileage from PC* Miler? to give you a general idea of the miles involved. There is a disclaimer below the mileage display stating, “The mileage represented here may differ from other, similar mileage programs” for this very reason.

      Q: Why haven’t I received my payment for a load?

      A: There are several reasons why a load payment has not been released. The most common reasons include:

      • Missing or illegible paperwork
      • Load number is not written on each document received
      • An incorrect load number is written on each document received
      • Bill of lading (BOL) is not signed
      • Damage/shortage is noted on the BOL; in this case, your load representative will have to approve payment after reviewing the situation
      • The originals were mailed in for QuickPay release, but not addressed to the attention of QuickPay
      • Missing carrier invoice; a load confirmation is not an acceptable invoice; the invoice should contain the load number, balance due, and your carrier ID number.

      You can always check the status on Navisphere Carrier or call our carrier services department at 800-326-9977 to find the status of a load payment.

      Q: How do I upload my documents through Navisphere Carrier?

      A: To upload your documents using Navisphere Carrier, follow these step by step instructions:

      1. Scan each document. Documents should include:
        • Invoice with C.H. Robinson load number
        • Original signed bill of lading (BOL)
        • Lumper receipts
        • Copy of the C.H. Robinson confirmation
        • Any other accompanying paperwork
      2. Log in to Navisphere Carrier
      3. Go to “Load Board” or “Account Receivable”
      4. Click on the load number for the shipment you just delivered
      5. From the Load Board: Click on the “Documents” tab OR from Account Receivable: Scroll to the bottom of the load details
      6. Click on the “Add” button for each piece of documentation for the shipment
      7. Once you click “Add”, browse your folders and find the correct documents to attach. Documents can be accepted in the following formats:
        • JPG
        • PDF
        • TIF
      8. Once you find your file, click “Next”
      9. Choose the correct document type
      10. Click “Finish”
      11. Repeat steps 8-10 to upload each of the required documents and then click “Save” in the incoming documents section. Note: Your documents will not be uploaded until you click the Save button.
      12. Once you save the documents, they will no longer be available for update.

      If you have questions about this process, please call us at 1-800-326-9977 for assistance.

      Q: What TRANSFLO? technology options can I use when hauling for C.H. Robinson?

      A: We offer several TRANSFLO? options for our carrier and drivers to use when working with C.H. Robinson. They include TRANSFLO Express?, TRANSFLO $Velocity?, and TRANSFLO? Mobile.

      TRANSFLO $Velocity?
      If you choose to scan your paperwork with another technology, TRANSFLO $Velocity? can still help you submit everything to C.H. Robinson. Note: Drivers should use fleet ID: RBTWV.

      TRANSFLO? Mobile
      Drivers with smartphones can use the free TRANSFLO? mobile app on their iPhone? or Android? devices to scan paperwork straight on their phone. Note: Drivers should register the app using C.H. Robinson’s fleet ID: RBTWV. Get the TRANSFLO? mobile app from the App Store or Google Play

      apple store linkgoogle play link

      Q: How do I upload my documents using TRANSFLO $Velocity??

      A: Using the TRANSFLO $Velocity? client is a fast and easy way to upload your documents. Follow these instructions:

      1. Launch the TRANSFLO $Velocity? Client. (If you have not already installed TRANSFLO $Velocity?, please click here to get the software.)
      2. Scan or attach your documents. When done scanning or adding, click "Finished Adding Documents"
      3. Select C.H. Robinson as the Broker from the drop down list.
      4. Enter your T-Code, the C.H. Robinson load number, your invoice number and the invoice amount. If you have a lumper, enter the lumper amount too.
      5. Click “Next”
      6. Select the document type for each image
      7. Submit your documents

      Please note that the fleet ID to use for C.H. Robinson is RBTWV. And that $1.00 is deducted from the final settlement when C.H. Robinson processes your payment.

      For help downloading the client or using TRANSFLO $Velocity?, please call 1-866-503-5707.

      Q: Can I submit my load documents via email?

      A: We will accept load document submissions via email at the following email address: LoadDocs@chrobinson.com. To help us pay you faster, please consider the following guidelines:

      • Please put the C.H. Robinson load number in the subject line of your email.
      • Please include the C.H. Robinson rate sheet to assist in document processing.
      • Each email should contain documents for one load only.
      • Total attachment size must be less than 5MB. Anything larger is blocked and will not be processed.
      • For best results use grayscale TIF, JPG or PDF files. Other file types will not be processed.
      • Please remember to check images for legibility prior to emailing.


      Q: Can I get my load tenders from the website?

      A: Load tenders can be received via our website. Talk to your C.H. Robinson representative to start receiving load tenders through Navisphere Carrier. Our offices can tender a load to you and you can accept or reject the load online.

      Q: How can I search for less than truckload (LTL) freight?

      A: You can find partial loads by clicking on desirable loads and check the equipment requirements on the bottom of the load detail page. It will show equipment type and length of trailer space needed, in feet.

      Q: How can I search for loads in Mexico?

      A: Choose Mexico as the country in the origin country drop down list and then fill in your desired city. All matching loads will appear.

      Q: How can I find dray loads?

      A: Intermodal loads are not currently displayed on the “Find Loads” tab. But you can post your intermodal equipment on the “Post Trucks” section for our network to see. Or you can call for dray freight opportunities that originate in these regions of North America:
      East: 630-577-1730
      Midwest: 630-577-1710
      West: 630-577-1760

      Q: Can I get a load from the Internet when C.H. Robinson offices are closed?

      A: If our offices are closed, you cannot get a load. However, you can email the representative who posted the load you’re interested in. When the office opens up, they can contact you directly in response to your email.

      Q: What do I do if I get an error message when I’m trying to mark my load picked up/delivered?

      A: Call our support department at 800-326-9977 for help.

      Q: If I’m unable to accept my load tenders on the website or through the email tender, what should I do?

      A: Call our support department at 800-326-9977 for help.