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      What sets our freight consolidation services apart

      Looking to clear your dock quickly, reduce claims and damages, and provide established pricing and transit times? Do on time, in full requirements cost you too much? Choose consolidated shipping with C.H. Robinson:

      • Navigate any compliance requirement using our experience and established relationships with the world's largest, most sophisticated shippers.
      • Increase efficiencies and improve speed of delivery with our reliable global freight consolidation services.
      • Make your job easier with the help of our dedicated account representatives who understand your business and your needs.

      Whether you’re consolidating your next less than truckload (LTL) shipment or looking for a consolidated shipping option from a market leader in global trade lanes, you can expect customized freight consolidation solutions from C.H. Robinson.



      • Cold chain order level management
      • Partial-load volume LCL solutions
      • Certified cargo screening facilities at key airports
      • Retailer specific programs
      • Partial-load volume LTL solutions
      • Multi-modal programs servicing tier 1 & 2 suppliers

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